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  • In this episode of MenChat, three men will provide their answers to questions regarding What They Would Do if They Invested in Things That Didn’t Reap Rewards. This is MenChat! So be prepared to hear things that you’ll likely agree with, disagree with or that will completely shock you! If you have feedback regarding the [...]

  • Companionship is something that many of us desire. However, we don’t always know what type of mate we need to be or should aspire to be. In this episode of United Through Christ, Jay is joined by Jackie Bledsoe Jr. to discuss the type of husband that men should want to become for their future [...]

  • In this episode Jay is once again joined by Lady Ro and Queen Neen to conclude our discussion on the current state of the single woman and dating. We will examine the things they’ve learned about themselves from past relationships, how women can balance their personal needs along with their careers and family and so [...]

  • Sex is fun and luxurious, to say the least. Learning about another person’s body and what they like helps us release stress and forget about the world for a little while. There is no telling that making sure we have the greatest time starts with ourselves. Ladies, lingerie is your best friend. As women, sometimes [...]

  • Ladies, during this month we’ve discussed the topic of Forgiveness and what it means to have a forgiving heart. The love God has for us and how He forgives us is a great model of what true forgiveness looks like. When we make the decision to hold on to past sins, hurts, anger or even [...]

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In this episode Jay is joined by Kenya & Stacy to discuss celibacy. We will examine whether celibate and non-celibate people should date, if celibacy is a selfish choice, whether remaining celibate is difficult, if celibacy must be a long-term decision and so much more. Plus, you’ll enjoy great music from Elle Varner, Columbus Short, FLO and Bumps INF. Press play, kick back, relax and enjoy!

Scandal, Love and Hip Hop, The Game, The Walking Dead, House of Cards, The Big Bang Theory, Basketball Wives, Braxton Family Values, The Real Housewives of…, New Girl, Sirens, Sister Wives, The Bachelor(ette), Grimm, R&B Divas, LA Preachers, and Modern Family…Television. This is only a very small percentage of television shows, but it represents many of the most popular shows on television. I was listening to something I believe a [...]

You met an attractive person, you speak almost every day and you decide you want to take conversation off the phone and meet in person. You decide to catch a couple drinks and as you’re getting to know this person, you start to ask yourself if you are simply just hanging out or if it is a date. This is the biggest form of confusion we stumble upon before we [...]

In this episode Jay is joined by Paula to discuss how single mothers can prepare themselves to re-enter the dating scene. We will examine the challenges single mothers face when dating, the common dating mistakes made by single mothers, the importance of having dating standards, why doing background checks should be considered and so much more. Plus, you’ll enjoy great music from Dani Ivory, Diamond, Jacquees and Bridget Kelly. Press [...]

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    • Each time we disobey God, it becomes more difficult to hear Him the next time He speaks; but every time we trust Him, it gets easier to hear and be led by His Spirit. Joyce Meyer
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