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In this episode Jay is joined by Mel to discuss whether arguing helps or hurts a relationship. We will examine the impact arguing can have in a relationship, the benefits and disadvantages of arguing, how a healthy relationship can contain arguing and so much more. Plus, you’ll enjoy great music from Daniel De Bourg and Elle Varner. Press play, kick back, relax and enjoy.


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Jay is a man of God and the founder of Up 4 Discussion. His primary objective is to fulfill God’s purpose for his life, which includes Teaching, Reaching and Changing lives by promoting Positivity, Peace, Laughter & Love!!!

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  1. Glenda says:

    Mel and Jay, I really enjoyed the podcast. I feel that too much arguing can hurt a relationship. I'm the type that would hold things inside, until my heart gets too heavy. It takes two to argue, so I would say "you right", "I got you". That always made my ex mad, because he knew, I was just saying something to end the conversation. To me, sometime a closed mouth, will make the other person keep talking. At the end of the day, he will mess up and tell on himself. I lived in a house, with a mother and a father that argued a lot. As a child I couldn't do nothing about it, but I learned how to handle it. They stayed together for 20 something years unhappy, until they got a divorce. I'm not going to deal with that mess. I rather be by myself and happy, then being with someone unhappy. JUST SAYING

    • I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! I enjoyed it just as much as the listeners. Jay is amazing and very easy and comfortable to talk to. I agree with you as well…too much of anything can be hurtful. I used to hold things in as well until I realized that it was more so hurting me than anything. We live and we learn. Thankfully you didn't internalize that negative environment growing up, and use it as an excuse or reason to argue in your relationships. The key to a happy and healthy relationship is not only communication, but being happy by yourself before you even enter into one. So I definitely agree with you there. Thank you so much for listening! It truly means a lot to me!

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