Mangalsutras are popular among the younger women who wear mangal sutra daily but refrain from wearing those big and chunky designs. Some collections of the Trifari line have gained a huge amount of popularity because of their stunning designs and compelling stories. A few pieces of jewelry can make any look even more gorgeous and provide the perfect finishing finish. Wait for your skulls dry. I put them on a piece of foam and let them dry for about an hour to ensure it’s not too tacky. Now is the time to paint your skulls to make them appear elegant – you can apply gold, brass, copper, or even silver liquid leaf or gold spray paint to cover your skulls.

I also used a piece of tape to hold my skull while I inches along the side and sew antique bangles the opposite end of the elastic to the cape. It should not be heated excessively, or it could result in a disproportioned skull pictured below. It looks cool, but it doesn’t fulfill the project’s purpose. Step 7. Marquise-cut diamond end caps. I used a skull bead, large teardrops, and a headpin to create mine.

Making the extra effort to polish the beads made these earrings appear more elegant and didn’t look like they came from a cheap bracelet. A pair of good earrings can make a difference in your look and make you appear more professional. If you are looking for traditional earrings to match your Kanjeevaram saree or that adorable black dress, you’ll have options after registering on our website. We are delighted to congratulate you on finding the perfect pair of earrings. We have found the love you have been waiting for and remind you that you have to purchase your couple rings in gold. We are certain that you will be delighted with our earrings.