Massage Used as a Medicine

Is massage the best medicine? This is a question frequently asked by many practitioners these days as its popularity really does gain traction across the world. Does it really go beyond relaxation and promote calm or is this the extent of its usefulness?

As with anything that has not been researched enough, it will need many more years of ongoing research to really uncover the full benefits of what massage can help with. It is pretty much risk free to all that use it, unless of course you are suffering from some form of medical condition or if you are at the different ends of the spectrum when it comes to age and even in this case it can still be practiced, but with a little more care and attention exercised and this would likely rule out some of the more active forms of massage like Thai massage therapy, which carried out by fully trained Thai practitioners lends itself more to Yoga type stretching and the receiver can undergo some serious manipulation, which is not pleasant at all.

Some massage offer much softer strokes and kneading of the body (and this doesn’t mean it isn’t as effective, just that it works a different way) and some might say that there is a type of massage to suit anyone that is interested in receiving it.

One such type is the more sensual type of therapy, where the focus not only lies in the massage to heal the mind and body, but also to stimulate the person from a sexual perspective. A common type that you will hear used is something like tantric massage in London which is an all over encompassing body, mind and spirit massage philosophy which gives the receiver the release from stress and the buildup of tensions and also helps them discover themselves more with their sexual being.

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