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Is Being a Gentleman Viewed as Being THIRSTY by Women in Today’s Society?

Question Courtesy of K. Woods


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  1. sensesocommon says:

    Hmmm…. a gentleman? Now this here, said "Gentlemen" is something I have trademarked as a rare commodity. When encountered, I never looked at Him as being "thirsty", I just figured his momma raised him well or he just knows how a woman would like to be treated.

    There has been moments… well everytime… where I'm a little confused and not exactly sure how to take it all in. Because to be honest, what I'm really thinking is, "this probably won't last long". But I wouldn't call the dude "thirsty" LOL!!

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  2. J. Crawford says:

    I wouldn't say they are Thirsty, but they are preceived as the Bottom Barrel Boys (similar to the "Bottom Bitch" *much apologies for the language*), as in they are Not Going Anywhere while they Bad Boys are at the top of the list to be chosen.Chivlary is good for the Attention and Ego, but Real Talk, Women want the Confidence, the Agressiveness (not Disrespect) and the Alpha Male Presence that Bad Boys have naturally.

    • J. Crawford says:

      The best analogy I can come up with is using College Players and the 1-and-Done Players- the Majority of College Players are around for the full 4 years and are there for the Team, School, etc; the 1-and-Done guys are here for One Time Only and have the luxury of Tons of Pro teams looking Get HIM NOW. Some College Players DO get chose, just in the later rounds or are Undrafted, but the Rare Gems they end up becoming Great (Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Norris Cole of the Heat, etc). A Good Portion of the 1-and-Dones end up squandering their skills and take mad Nosedives or get Screwed by their own Choices or Other People (T.O, Chad, Greg Oden, Jamarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf, Kwame Brown, Pacman Jones, etc) Bottom Line of this analogy is this: College Players are the Gentlemen and the 1-And-Dones who become Stars are the Bad Boys

    • up4dsn says:

      That's a great point J. Crawford. Thanks for sharing that insight man.

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