The Art of Japanese Nuru Massage

Like many countries in Asia, Japan is home to many of the most popular sorts of massage on the planet. They are all related to stimulating the flow of energy through the body to achieve harmony in the body and mind. Most Eastern philosophies see these as one connected entity and when you look at how popular they have become and have always been then it does make you think they could well be onto something!

One that probably rings a bell with many avid massage enthusiasts is Shiatsu massage. In Japan they will say that this process helps the body to repair and heal itself through the finger pressure that is sued and various manipulations. Shiatsu actually means finger pressure when it is translated but there are also many body manipulations that are also used by the masseuse. Like many other styles, it has evolved and there are now various different approaches, such as philosophical and also theoretical to this widely used of therapy

The next one which may not be as well known, but now looks to be taking the world by storm is little more erotic in its nature in most cases, or this is how it seems to have evolved anyway. It is called sensual nuru massage therapy and is more of a body to body approach which is both soothing and sensual at the same time. Unlike Shiatsu this requires both the masseuse and client to be totally nude for the massage process. The special ingredient for this is called the nuru gel which is made from seaweed and is what helps to promote the slippery element in this process

Nuru massage is said to be a great way to relax and mainly the therapy of choice for those that re looking for something a little bit different to the traditional Japanese massage!