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Okay not really, but I did ask a boy out on a date for the first time in my life. And it felt dirty, kinda like a hooker soliciting her first trick (hence the title). Because I have never been so bold as to ask a guy out. Because that’s not how it’s supposed to work. Because I’m a girl! I mean honestly aren’t the hints, the suggestive comments enough? [...]

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In this episode, fellow blogger Ms. Nikks and I discuss virginity. We examine why some individuals are ashamed of being virgins, why you may not be able to pick a virgin out of a line up and we also share the stories of how we lost our virginity.  This podcast is also available for download on your mobile device via iTunes & Stitcher Radio apps! Kick back. Listen. Enjoy & [...]

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    • Each time we disobey God, it becomes more difficult to hear Him the next time He speaks; but every time we trust Him, it gets easier to hear and be led by His Spirit. Joyce Meyer
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