Booking a masseuse to your hotel room

Massage as we know it has exploded in popularity over recent years and most people will associate a massage with going to their local massage salon generally. What has changed now especially in some of the major cities and tourist areas is now the ability to get a masseuse to come to your home or more commonly to your hotel room
Firms offering outcall tantric massage services for example are very much on the rise and now whatever type of massage you need in any of the major cities you can get without moving anywhere. The only downside to this is the cost. Generally prices for this service will be more expensive and in some cases double the cost and this is mainly due to the fact the masseuse needs to spend time travelling and also that she will need to transport equipment for the session
You might think that most hotels offer massage themselves and this is cheaper and in many cases this would be true, but for some people they might like a sort of therapy that is perhaps not available with the in house service and also there are many agencies that will provide this as a 24 hour service, which will not be the case in many of the hotels
For those that are willing to put with the expense side of things the main benefit it brings is convenience. In many cities around the world, getting around can take time due to the congestion with traffic etc and so having a masseuse to visit you really does take a lot of the hassle and stress out of it and so for those that don’t mind spending it, it is well worth the added fee
The most common way that people get their visiting masseuse is online and one can find therapists easily this way who are willing to provide this service

Some common massage benefits

We constantly hear a lot about how massage is great for people’s health but a lot of the time people do not really specify as to why and how this is the case. Here we have made a list of some of the most common reasons that people will use massage therapy as a way to have healthier existence:

Sleep – As most of us will know sleep is very important for people to function properly and after a very good night’s sleep we will generally have more energy and more motivation for the day that lies ahead. Massage gives people that find sleeping difficult a great way to sleep better. Taking time out to relax can teach us to switch off when we need to and this can carry through our general day to day life

Aches and Pains – A much better method than taking a tablet or a pill, massage offers a pure holistic and side effect free way of dealing with aches, pains and muscle strains. Many people use massage regularly for things like back pain and also sports injuries for example.

Pleasure – It’s not all about the health benefits of massage, sometimes it is just a great way to pass some time. Especially for those that like the more saucy options which exist such as an erotic tantric massage for example which are also a very common form of massage in many parts of the world

Immune system – As well as helping with the symptoms such as aches and pains, massage is also said to help the body with the flow of lymph through the body, which is there to help fight infection and disease and so massage can actually be used as a way to protect your body

There are also many other beenfits to massage which we will focus on in part 2 of this post!

The Art of Japanese Nuru Massage

Like many countries in Asia, Japan is home to many of the most popular sorts of massage on the planet. They are all related to stimulating the flow of energy through the body to achieve harmony in the body and mind. Most Eastern philosophies see these as one connected entity and when you look at how popular they have become and have always been then it does make you think they could well be onto something!

One that probably rings a bell with many avid massage enthusiasts is Shiatsu massage. In Japan they will say that this process helps the body to repair and heal itself through the finger pressure that is sued and various manipulations. Shiatsu actually means finger pressure when it is translated but there are also many body manipulations that are also used by the masseuse. Like many other styles, it has evolved and there are now various different approaches, such as philosophical and also theoretical to this widely used of therapy

The next one which may not be as well known, but now looks to be taking the world by storm is little more erotic in its nature in most cases, or this is how it seems to have evolved anyway. It is called sensual nuru massage therapy and is more of a body to body approach which is both soothing and sensual at the same time. Unlike Shiatsu this requires both the masseuse and client to be totally nude for the massage process. The special ingredient for this is called the nuru gel which is made from seaweed and is what helps to promote the slippery element in this process

Nuru massage is said to be a great way to relax and mainly the therapy of choice for those that re looking for something a little bit different to the traditional Japanese massage!

Massage used a medicine

Is massage the best medicine? This is a question frequently asked by many practitioners these days as its popularity really does gain traction across the world. Does it really go beyond relaxation and promote calm or is this the extent of its usefulness?

As with anything that has not been researched enough, it will need many more years of ongoing research to really uncover the full benefits of what massage can help with. It is pretty much risk free to all that use it, unless of course you are suffering from some form of medical condition or if you are at the different ends of the spectrum when it comes to age and even in this case it can still be practiced, but with a little more care and attention exercised and this would likely rule out some of the more active forms of massage like Thai massage therapy, which carried out by fully trained Thai practitioners lends itself more to Yoga type stretching and the receiver can undergo some serious manipulation, which is not pleasant at all.

Some massage offer much softer strokes and kneading of the body (and this doesn’t mean it isn’t as effective, just that it works a different way) and some might say that there is a type of massage to suit anyone that is interested in receiving it.

One such type is the more sensual type of therapy, where the focus not only lies in the massage to heal the mind and body, but also to stimulate the person from a sexual perspective. A common type that you will hear used is something like tantric massage in London which is an all over encompassing body, mind and spirit massage philosophy which gives the receiver the release from stress and the buildup of tensions and also helps them discover themselves more with their sexual being.

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