In the process of a full body massage you will all of you ligaments, muscles and tendons worked to give a better range of movement and also manipulated to help with any pain issues and also to promoted healing on the body through a stimulation of lymph flow

Some people actually swear by something like reflexology with although concentrates on the feet, it is said that the various pressure points in the feet correspond with different parts of the human body, i.e different organs and areas

A fully body massage works differently of course as it allows the masseur or the masseuse to work directly on any areas that they would like to which for some people is a much more targeted way to let’s say fix and issue with the thigh muscle or shoulder for example, but like any therapy there are different schools of thought on this.

Different countries offer different options for this type of full body experience. In the east you might get this through a Thai massage or even a nuru massage whereas in the western world you would more be looking at something like sensual tantric massage or perhaps a Swedish or sports massage to enjoy the full body experience.

It is also thought to work better for general relaxation than therapies like a foot massage and say reflexology as quite often the client will actually fall asleep, in part due to the fact that the receiver lies down for the process and also due to the different strokes and motions that the therapist will use to carry out this full body process.

Whichever massage that you do decide is best for your personal situation though, one thing is certain and that is that you will undoubtedly feel much less stressed and less tense at the end of your session!

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