Despite being a bit bigger than its predecessor, the iPhone 15 series is still incredibly slim and light. In fact, previous-generation iPhone 14 cases will still fit the new phones.

Apple’s September hardware event is just a few months away, and consistent rumors are starting to emerge about its impressive new iPhone lineup.

A15 Bionic chip

iphone 15

The A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 15 is an amazing piece of technology. It is a 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip designed by Apple. It has two high-performance cores called Avalanche that run at 3.24 GHz and four energy-efficient cores called Blizzard that run at 2.01 GHz. This is a revolutionary chip, and it has received incredible scores on Geekbench.

This processor is powerful enough to give the iPhone an edge over its competitors. It also gives the iPhone an impressive battery life. In addition to its speed, the A15 also has an excellent graphics performance. This makes it an ideal choice for gaming and other demanding applications.

In addition to its processing capabilities, the A15 Bionic also has superior machine learning abilities. This is important for the future of the smartphone industry. It will allow manufacturers to design more advanced cameras and improve the overall quality of pictures.

According to a leak from tipster ShrimpApplePro, the new iPhone models will have curved edges. This will make them more durable and easier to grip in the hand. They will also support USB-C accessories that are certified by Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) program. MFi USB-C cables will provide fast charging and data transfer. They will also be compatible with wireless headphones and Lightning connectors.

Camera ProRes video recording

With the release of iOS 15.1, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have been updated with the ability to record Apple’s high-quality Apple ProRes video codec. This is a beastly codec that chews through storage on professional camcorders, so it’s no surprise that the iPhone can handle it with ease.

This is a great feature for videographers, especially since it allows for better low-light performance. It also allows for more flexibility in post-production. For example, Apple ProRes videos can be edited on the device, or on a Mac with software such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

This feature is available to anyone who has a device with the latest version of iOS and has enough storage to support it. However, you’ll need to turn on Camera ProRes recording in the Settings app before you can use it. When you activate this setting, the volume buttons will double as easily-reachable shutter buttons and will capture burst photos when held down. A counter will appear in the original shutter button circle to indicate how many shots have been captured. You can then choose which to keep. This is a great way to quickly take multiple photos, but be aware that it will use up more of your storage.

Operating system

The iPhone 15 is expected to run iOS, the operating system developed by Apple. This operating system comes with many features that help protect user privacy, including new security settings and improved performance. Users can also enjoy regular iOS updates, which enhance the functionality of the phone and keep it secure and stable.

The latest models in the iPhone line have been built with a slimmer bezel design. This has allowed them to offer a more immersive screen experience with deeper blacks and vivid colors. In addition, the iPhone 15 has a triple-lens camera system that allows users to take high-quality pictures and videos.

Apple has also switched to a USB-C port for the iPhone 15 and Pro Max. This change should improve data transfer speeds. It will also facilitate faster wired charging than the previous Lightning port. However, the change will limit the use of accessories to those that are certified by Apple’s MFi program. According to leaker ShrimpApplePro, Apple supplier Foxconn will produce MFi USB-C accessories for the new iPhones.

The iPhone 15 will feature a curved back design that should be easier to grip. It will also be lighter than its predecessors because of the titanium frame. Titanium is stronger than stainless steel, so it can withstand more dents and dings.