As the in shape is going into the eighth set, Ukai has Asahi strive to focus on preserving excellent spiking form at all times. As the staff starts their heat-up exercise, Ukai reveals that he had beforehand visited a former upperclassman from the faculty who at the moment coaches a high school in the Yamagata prefecture and has been to nationals on various instances. Ukai soon has Hinata blend in with the remainder of the crew during attacks. Ukai and the staff return to Karasuno. At seeing how the blockers were ready to block Asahi regardless of Hinata performing as a decoy easily, Ukai feels that this next match might have the identical pressure on Kageyama similar to the stress Tsukishima utilized onto Shirabu throughout the match in opposition to Shiratorizawa.

Despite this, he nonetheless states that Hinata is the player that causes opponents to have ‘information overload,’ seeing that he can use any tempo he desires and assault from anywhere on the court docket. Every one in every one of our objects has been chosen for their unique quality and their prime materials. These lamps are made from materials that can be as robust as Ushijima’s spikes and are as stunning as Kageyama’s quick sets. He and Takinoue are a part of the Karasuno Neighborhood Association, and each comes to observe Karasuno Excessive’s games. That night, Ukai showed them a video of clips from their matches throughout the Qualifier Tournament that Takinoue made and made extra dramatic to assist with Haikyuu store their nerves. While he would later be surprised at hearing Kageyama snap at Asahi, he would see that Kageyama was now beginning to demand more of his spikers after adjusting his sets to house their options.

Nonetheless, he’s conscious that, whereas most others can be caught off guard by the freak fast attack, Date Tech will react in another way and could also be greater on the defense when it seems like Hinata will try the freak quick. He advises the crew to get used to date Tech’s blocks so they will not panic when faced with related blocks at the Spring Tournament. He remains curious if the other gamers will marvel at easy methods to make requests from a participant as gifted as Kageyama but are comfortable to see that Hinata is one person who does not hesitate to name Kageyama out on certain issues. Discover your merchandise at Haikyu Merch Shop; you will see objects that include your favorite person in our products.