Many individuals love to watch movies with their families, and if you are a fan of Tamil movies, there are many such movies that you can choose to watch. Family movies in Tamil cinema are not hard to find, and PayanigalGavanikkavum is an example of such a movie.

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The Movie

PayanigalGavanikkavum is a Tamil movie that you can watch with your family and is directed by SP Shakthivel and written by Ajeesh P Thomas. The cast of the movie includes Vidharth, Karunakaran and Lakshmi PriyaaChandramouli in lead roles, while Masoom Shankar, Premkumar and others are in supporting roles. This movie is the Tamil remake of the Malayalam film Vikrithi, and the music is composed by Shanmath Nag.

The Story

Ezhilan (Vidharth) and his wife Tamil (Lakshmi Priyaa) are people who have hearing and speech problems. Their daughter gets admitted to a hospital, and Ezhilan looks after her for a few days; after returning home, he falls inside a metro due to tiredness. This is when Antony (Karunakaran), a social media user and addict, takes a photo of the picture and posts it on social media.

The guy calls Ezhilan a drunkard in the Chennai metro, and this turns her life upside down. The rest of this unique family movie in Tamilcinema explains how Ezhilan manages to come out of this action. The movie also explains how the guy, Antony, deals with the consequences of his actions.

How Good is the Movie?

If you look at the movie’s storyline, you will find that it is simple and has a good emotional base. The plot of this movie gets stretched with time, and this is a less than 2 hours movie, and it takes some time to jump into the main conflict. The resolution to the problems is shown in a great way, and all the lead and supporting roles perform their roles with the greatest of ease and provide full justice to them.

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