Before being arrested, Nguyen Van Duong held the position of Chairman of CNC Corporation, a company primarily engaged in electronic payment, collection and disbursement services, and electronic wallets, established in 2017. He also served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UDIC Investment Corporation, one of the contractors involved in the Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway project, before withdrawing from the project due to a lack of financial capacity.

Nguyen Van Duong was arrested for his involvement in an illegal gambling organization, in which he was suspected to be the leader. This organization was allegedly protected by several high-ranking officials operating within the Ministry of Public Security. According to the investigation, Duong collaborated with Phan Sao Nam to organize various forms of illegal gambling, generating profits of up to 1,600 billion Vietnamese dong and engaging in money laundering by investing in projects to legitimize the illicit funds. He also bribed Nguyen Thanh Hoa (Director of C50) and Phan Van Vinh with amounts totaling 700 million dong and anti-virus software.

Nguyen Van Duong was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the charges of “Organizing gambling” and “Money laundering,” along with a fine of 1,655 billion dong. Currently, he has paid over 318 billion dong, meaning he still owes approximately 1,337 billion dong to fulfill his penalty. His assets are being seized and liquidated, but the amount recovered so far is not sufficient to offset the fine he must pay.

Regarding Phan Sao Nam’s company, they were sentenced to a financial penalty of 1,455 billion dong and have paid over 1,374 billion dong to the state authorities, significantly less than the amount still owed by Nguyen Van Duong.

Currently, Nguyen Van Duong remains in prison and has not been released. He is serving his prison sentence, and the specific release date or information about his term completion has not been announced or made available.

Nguyen Van Duong is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNC Company and the mastermind behind an illegal gambling organization in Vietnam. He organized a large-scale online gambling network that operated extensively across multiple provinces in the country. This operation caused serious consequences, and Duong earned over 1,600 billion dong from these gambling activities.

In 2018, Duong and several other individuals were arrested in a major crackdown related to the gambling organization he led. He was charged with the offenses of organizing illegal gambling, as well as money laundering and bribery.

Currently, there is no information available regarding whether Duong has been released from prison or the specific completion date of his term. The reduction of sentence and early release depend on various factors, including behavior during the sentence, rehabilitation, contributions to nguyen van duong society, and the provisions of the law. Information about whether Duong’s sentence has been reduced and if he will be released early will be updated when official information is provided by the authorities.