Round-Up investments have been moved out of your affiliated financing source (checking accounts ) for Acorns Invest accounts, in which the funds have been invested in your portfolio of chosen ETFs. Purchases made using a financing source connected to an Acorns account are eligible for Round-Up investments. Clients that have undergone changes for their objectives, financial conditions, or investment goals, or who want to alter their portfolio recommendation, must update their information from the Acorns program or using the site. Actual customers could attain investment results differently from the results. Results can vary with each use and over time. Results do not represent actual outcomes and do not take market or economic factors that can affect performance.

Past performance doesn’t guarantee or indicate future results. Diversification and asset allocation don’t ensure a profit, nor do they remove the chance of loss of the principal. Disclosures: Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Take into account, among other things, your investment goals, risk tolerance, and Acorns prices before investing. Investment isn’t any action which may help increase the value of an advantage that could be fixed asset or either liquid. The left believes that when things do not go their way, they could utilize protests and McCarthy Cold War panic tactics to receive their way, but they can not. We work with you to make a plan which we will often revisit to assist you.

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