Subbaraman: Given my age, I shall not be capable of taking lively half in any future conservation challenge; however, my recommendations and recommendation will all the time be obtainable. One encouraging factor is that there appears to be higher consciousness among the many authorities involved to take correct care of those paintings, such a vital part of our heritage. They’re contacting agencies who can do the conservation work. Subbaraman: Some younger folks with an art background are taking up the work of art conservation. Subbaraman: My work has received ample consideration among my friends, if not among most people. That is understandable because not everyone among the general public is occupied with monuments or mural paintings.

In Karnataka, there are fewer mural paintings. The circle symbolizes the constant circulation of power, signifying no starting or end, solely perfection. Work is but to be carried out there. However, given the massive amount of labor nonetheless to be achieved and the slenderness of the available workforce, there may be must train an increasing number of people within the work. There should be enough encouragement and monetary rewards for attracting increasingly younger people to this field. INTACH folks have been contacted about their preservation. The Buddha and his teachings have blessed the world along with his messages conveying the need for peace, not just external wants but in addition for the inner peace inside us.

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